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Success Story!

At an estimate, I've been using my small-size DivaCup for about 9 months now. She has been good to me - a couple leaks as I learn exactly what works and what doesn't, but sometimes life is like that.

Then last week, tragedy struck - I left my purse behind at work one night and was unable to retrieve it. It had my cup in it. My period was due any moment.

"No big deal," I told myself. I had given away all my pads, but I had plenty of tampons leftover from the BC era (Before Cup, you know). I would just have to use tampons for a day, until I could be reunited with my purse and my dear cup. No problem, right?

Oh my GOODNESS. I went to insert my first tampon in nearly a year and realized that it's not REMOTELY comfortable. What I once considered a vague, mild twinge of discomfort has become a completely unacceptable painful scrape. I mean, I managed it of course, and put up with it for several hours, but I absolutely couldn't wait to get my cup back. How did I put up with tampons before? How did they convince me to shove this dry scratchy wad of cotton inside of myself? And to pay good money for it! Would that I had a time machine... This point forward, I consider my tampons good for nothing except stopping up nosebleeds.

Anyway, I wanted to thank you ladies because I did an awful lot of reading here before deciding on my DivaCup, and all of the advice and analyses and data-breakdowns and stories were so helpful - I definitely got the perfect cup on the first try. So,I thought I'd let you know you've converted another, and add my bit to the rest.
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