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Trial by fire...

 Just my luck, my period came yesterday... the worse day of the week for it to come! I waitress and Saturday was a wedding day, which means lots of heavy lifting, lots of running around long periods where I can't stop to take a break. This is my first period with a cup and I wasn't certain if this was the day to try it. But I had been using the cup for several days prior, because I wasn't certain exactly when my period was coming (lots of new girls at work = messed up cycle!) so I decided I was comfortable enough to give it a try (with a pad backup, of course). 

So glad I did! My small LilacCup sealed perfectly and I had no leakage at all! I thinks I've been a little obsessive about emptying it, because I was worried about the small capacity, but otherwise all has gone well. I even went out dancing with everyone after work and didn't have any trouble. Used it overnight too, with no problems. I am so excited!!!!!!

I don't know if anyone is interested, but I might sell my large LilacCup. I bought a mix double pack, really thinking that the large would be better, but the small seems to be a  better fit for me. I'll definately give the large another try (I really want the higher capacity!) but if I can't get it to work, then I may as well pass it on to someone who can use it.  
Tags: success stories

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