greenlele83 (greenlele83) wrote in menstrual_cups,

colours you wear and the wake up

So just been think about a few things. currently got my period and I've noticed that i tend to wear particular colours when i have it. Has any one else noticed this. My colour of preference during mensturation tends to be red. hmmm dont know if it's my way of telling "the world" or what, but I find it interesting.
now the other thing. I've been using cups for a few years now and have recently been using a new cup (lunette). I find when i wake up in the morning as i start to get up i start to leak. i had thought that it might have been coz it was full but when i take it out it isnt. does anyone else have this problem or know how to aviod that made rush to the toilet that i get? by the way it happened with my other cup too (keeper) but i have noticed it more with the new one
Tags: keeper, leakage & spotting, lunette

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