glitterpug (glitterpug) wrote in menstrual_cups,

Question about toilet paper!

Fortunately I have quite a light flow so have never (so far) needed to empty my cup in a public toilet but I'm sure that time will come, so my question is this:

Is wiping your cup down with toilet paper safe?

I know there have been millions of disscussions about it but I can't find an answer to this particular question. I know silicone cups can't harbour any bacteria but from what I have read TSS is caused mainly by the fibres embedding themselves in the viginal walls and bacteria then growing around the tiny fibres.

Whenever I have even rested my cup on toilet paper while it dries tons of fibres have been on it afterwards so if a cup is wped with it and immediately re-inserted then these fibres must go inside the vagina. Toilet paper is bleached and treated with chemicals the same as tampons are (perhaps not as many) as far as I know, so is it safe to do this and have those fibres inside you?
Tags: cleaning - public
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