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LilacCup Removal... Slippery!

I posted a few months back about how my old Size 1 Diva was working perfectly post-partum, but after my lucky first cycle, it started leaking (just barely), and I realized I would need to buy a mommy sized cup. Since I'd started turning the Diva Cup inside out for the first two days of my period when my cervix is lowest, I decided to try a different brand. Plus, I just really wanted a purple cup.

The first thing I noticed when my large LilacCup (by Ladycup)arrived was that it was freaking HUGE compared to my smaller sized Diva. I couldn't believe how much of a difference those few millimetres in width made and was a bit concerned it would be too big and unable to pop sufficiently open. I got the chance to try today, and while it is quite squished in there and doesn't form anything close to a circle, it does form a good seal and caught everything just fine. It was mildly uncomfortable and I found it caused cramping whereas the Diva Cup reduced cramping for me. I actually found the suction to be much stronger with the LadyCup, and I found myself actually missing the measurement lines a bit, but overall it wasn't bad for the first day. I would call it a success.

The problem came when I tried to remove the thing. Holy crap, that cup is slippery! I knew it wouldn't have as easy a grip as the Diva, but honestly, the tiny little grippers on the bottom of the LC did nothing at all to help me remove it. I've been using cups for years and know how to properly remove them, but this was just so incredibly slippery that I couldn't pull it down at all. I had to reach my finger all the way up to the top, push the rim against my poor cervix, and yank it all the way out from the top, spilling most of the blood in the process. It was not comfy or fun!

I still like the LC a lot and would like to stick with it for the beginnings of my periods (my beloved Diva still works fine for days 3 and later of each period.) But if I don't get this removal situation sorted out, I'm going to have to head out to buy a Size 2 Diva instead. If anyone has any suggestions for overcoming the slippery-omg-no-grip situation with the LC, I'd really appreciate it! I want a pretty purple cup!
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