jasminesweet09 (jasminesweet09) wrote in menstrual_cups,

I love my Pinkcup

Hello everyone, I just wanted to tell you all I love my cup and to thank you for all the information on here without which I probably wouldn't have made the change.

I am now on my third cycle with the ladycup, and I just wanted to share my experience with you all.

Three months ago I got the small and large ladycup from ebay - I wasn't sure which size to get. I am 27, never given birth. So I tried the small first. It fit me well. I tried the large. It also fit me. So I'm going to use the small, and keep the large as backup incase I loose the small, or drop it in the toilet or need to sterilise it or whatever. When I first put it in, the stem poked at me. So I trimmed it to half. It still irritated me a bit, so I chopped it off completely, then took a nail file to what was left. Now I can't feel it all. I just wish I had discovered these sooner - its such a clean feeling, and I only need to change every 12 hours. It's so convenient, and discreet, and I don't need to carry anything to the bathroom with me. I think I'm in love with my cup. And it's a pretty pink colour too.

The first time it went in fine. Getting it out took ages, though. It did come out eventually. I came on here and found lots of tips on removal. It now takes just a few seconds. Sitting on the loo to remove it seriously helps me(I started off by squatting in the shower cos I was scared of dropping it in the loo). And I have never had a single leak. None at all, even from the first day it went in fine, no trouble at all. I just wanted to say to anyone thinking about buying a cup - go for it! You'll never know unless you try.
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