Amy Lillard (weezerscaddy) wrote in menstrual_cups,
Amy Lillard

Article in FIRST magazine

I don't know if all of you remember but a few months back, a lady came on here and wanted to pitch an article for First! magazine.  I answered her, and she did two interviews with me, as she planned on profiling 5 women.  I asked her to keep me updated.
I just got the email back.  Her editor cut her back to two women, and cut my story as well, but they did take the article.  It will be on the shelves 8/24/09 to 9/14/09. 
Ms. Maxbauer (the reporter) seemed very interested in getting this out there as not only a valid, but a very good alternative for menstrual products.  I don't know if she will think to let you guys know about the article being on the shelves, so I thought I'd do it for her :).
Tags: papers/articles/pamphlets

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