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Obtaining a Lunette

I am twenty-one years old, sexually active, and have never given birth.

When I first began using a menstrual cup I was using Ortho Tri-Cyclen Lo birth control pills. As these pills made my period extremely light, a small LadyCup was more than capable of handling my flow. I only had to empty my cup once or twice a day. Disliking the hormones in my bc, however, I quit taking the pill and had an IUD inserted. I love my IUD, but my flow has increased considerably. My period last longer and produces much more blood and tissue. As a result, my LadyCup no longer works as well, and it needs to be changed several times throughout the day, somewhat defeating the purpose of using a menstrual cup.

After a bit of research, I believe that a small Lunette cup would work well for me. Though its dimensions are only slightly larger than those of the small LadyCup (narrow vaginal canal), it has a much larger fluid capacity. I also like the the shape of the Lunette is very similar to that of the LadyCup.

My only issue now is how to obtain a Lunette. As I live in the states, it is difficult to find anyone who is willing to ship the Lunette to me. I have heard that the reason for this is due to the Lunette company seeking FDA approval. Is this true? If so, does anyone know how long it will be until the Lunette is available to Americans again? Are there any companies or online vendors who would still ship a Lunette to me discreetly?

Thank you so much for your help, ladies!

Update: June 29, 2009

Just received an email from the Netherlands online vendor, All in Wonderland. My Lunette has reportedly shipped! Fingers crossed that it makes it past customs!

I will update again when I receive my Lunette, or if there are any issues.

Update: July 13, 2009

All in Wonderland told me that my Lunette should arrive within one to two weeks after being shipped out, though it was possible that it would take up to thirty days to get from the Netherlands to Washington state. Today was the fourteenth day, however, and I received my Lunette in the mail!

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