Emii (purplefog) wrote in menstrual_cups,

Conversation with my Doc

I'd tried tampons temporarily whilst waiting for my LadyCup to arrive, and during a check-up today had the following short discussion:

Me: I was wondering if it's common to find tampons uncomfortable after a vaginal birth. I never used to be able to feel them before.
Her: It happens a lot, sometimes because of shape change, and sometimes because you're just getting used to your body again after a year or so without tampons. Is it making things difficult?
M: Well, not as such; I tend to find a cup more comfortable but I've been worried that long term use can cause damage, since I don't know anyone who has used them all their life...
H: Oh no, cups are fine. Don't let that worry you!

\o/ Go awesome doctor!
Tags: doctors
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