Emii (purplefog) wrote in menstrual_cups,


My PinkCup arrived! Tis awesome, had a couple of tries since I'm still on my week and so far, so great! Cos it's shorter I'm still working on getting a good grip on the base - do you normally need to be able to pinch much of the cup to break the seal? I tug on the stem a little at first to bring it down (I left half of it on just in case my cup went on safari), but I'm always scared of causing a prolapse by that little bit of suction... especially now that everything's changed since having a baby. I was having a rummage to see what I'm like now and either I couldn't find my cervix before or it's lower now.

Mah - so many worries over a little bit of bleeding and plastic!

PinkCup is lovely and soft and very comfy once it's in, though :)
Tags: lady cup, removal
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