badmolly (mollandra_tripp) wrote in menstrual_cups,


Sorry if this has been asked before, I searched all over to find a similar question with no luck. I'm using my Lady Cup small for my first cycle and its comfy and not leaking and great. I have had some trouble removing it on the dry runs, but I'm confident I am going to be able to get it out without too much fuss (I'm goign to try it in the shower, then I can make as much mess as I like). Here is my concern- I insert the cup as directed (ie, lower than a tampon would sit) but as the day goes on, it seems to disappear further and further up til its is quite deep inside. Its never lost, with some bearing down I can bring it further down, but is it normal that it would work its way quite so far in? I was somewhat worried to find that it had almost disappeared the last time I went to the bathroom.
Tags: removal

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