ilovegeorgeross (ilovegeorgeross) wrote in menstrual_cups,

Payed for my lady cup a few days ago.

I won a LilacCup bidding on ebay and I am so happy because I hate how whenever I have my period I always really want to go swiming but I am afraid to use tampons because of the risk of TSS. I was hoping to get it before my period started but my period started almost a week earlier than it usually does so I guess I will just have to use it next month. Anyway I am really happy about it but my mum keeps saying I can't use it because I'm still a virgin and she is worried it will break my hymen for some reason. I am 13 and I don't really care if it breaks my hymen but mum is still all "They are no better than tampons." Does anyone know how I can convince her that virgins can use cups and it probably won't break their hymens, I've tried telling her but she won't listen.

I probably shouldn't care what she thinks anyway maybe I'm just being stupid.

EDIT: Thanks for all the helpful comments.
Tags: age, family & friends, virginity
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