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My small LadyCup doesn't want to come out :(

A newby here... and I can't get the darn thing out!!

I learned about menstrual cups as I was researching my IUD, and thought they were great from the start, but I was a bit scared, so I decided to go for the small LadyCup since it's the smallest to get the hang of it first... maybe that was a mistake?

Anyway, I put it in in the shower, and that went fine. It took a little while, but it popped open and moved up a bit. The stem is right at my entrance, so it's not that high up. But it's so slippery!! I can't grab hold of the stem, I've tried squishing the cup to fold it, but I can't really get two fingers in comfortably enough and it's already partially oblong, so it doesn't seem to do anything. I tried baring down, but that didn't help... I tried squatting, standing and sitting. It also doesn't help that I have no nails to speak of and my lady juices started flowing from all the mucking around down there.

I tried reaching for the rim, but I can just barely feel the beginnings of the rim when I reach as far as I can.

I've decided to quit for a while as I have a medical school final tomorrow morning, and really don't have time to mess around too much with this. I don't know why I decided this was the perfect time to try this out. Ugh. I don't really have my period right now, I'm just spotting, or else I would just wait until it overflowed and broke the seal on it's own. I was just so tired of leaking off the edge of the pantyliners I was using.

My last resort it to call my boyfriend over and get him to help me out. And I really don't want to do that.

Any suggestions?

Anyway, after I finally get it out, should I use it again, or do you guys think I might need a different cup? I was thinking of also getting a large LadyCup. Those of you with both, is the large LadyCup easier to remove?



I got it out about a minute or two ago, and it's been about 24 hrs since I put it in. So far, so good. I decided to defer my next cup use to the next cycle. I was tempted though, to put it straight back in :)

I spent all day today at a friend's house studying, and I decided not to even think about it anymore. So when I got home half an hr ago, I decided to give it another try. I went to the bathroom, sat down, and tried everything I read here. I tried pushing on one side until it broke, and it did, but all that happened was I got blood all over my hand. I guess I'd started my period and didn't notice! I tried walking it out, but couldn't get a grip at all; it felt as if I was just sliding my fingers down the cup and it was staying put.

Eventually, I decided there was too much blood for me to feel comfortable staying on the toilet, so I hopped in the shower. I squatted, and used my left hand this time. I got my finger on the rim and tried pulling, and I got the cup folded down half way and spilled ALL the blood that was in the cup. But it still wouldn't budge!!

I finally got the hang of "bearing down" everyone kept talking about, and the oblong cup puffed up and i got a grip and walked it out and out it popped!! It seemed like the easiest thing ever compared to what I was going through before!

Anyway, I have a final tomorrow and don't want to think about trying to remove it before it, so I'll wait a couple of days at least if not till my next cycle or after I see my Gyno for my IUD follow up later this week.

I'd just like to say THANK YOU to everyone here!! I would definitely have panicked if it weren't for you wonderful people!!
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