LushPicnic (lushpicnic) wrote in menstrual_cups,

My Cup Changed My LIFE!

 Hi Guys!

Just wanted to put up a quick success story! I've had my cup for a while now and I can safly say its changed my life! I've always been stuck with seemingly endless periods that were fairly light but occasionally really really heavy! Meaning I always leaked when I least expected it and was worried about things like TSS when I wasn't sure how heavy that day might be! 

My Femmecup has changed EVERYTHING!!! Being able to only have to change it twice a day is fantastic and has meant I can finally not worry about things constantly, I swap it once in the morning and once at night. Occasionally I get the sensation of leaking but ... I go to the bathroom check if it actually is leaking and if it is, its normally just a little,  its easy to clean up and empty it! 

I have never felt so liberated! I was always worried about leaking over things when my suprise heavy time would suddenly appear but now .... I just don't have to! Since getting my cup I haven't leaked on ANYTHING, not even once! I would never go back to tampons! My only regret is not buying a cup sooner!

So if anyone out there is debating if this really works... it does! And it is fantastic! Learning to use it is worth it for finding something that actually works! 

I'm finally having the happy periods all those adverts always went on about! And I wouldn't be if it weren't for finding this community! Thanks all!! 
Tags: femmecup, first time use, heavy blood flow
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