primasilva (primasilva) wrote in menstrual_cups,

IUD and Diva Success!!!

Well, I'm super, super indecisive, so I've been stalling ordering a new menstrual cup. That, and I'm supposed to wait a few months before using a cup with my new IUD. But when the blood started flowing today and I found myself pad-less, I had nowhere to turn but my good old Diva.

And it was a success! I'm extremely glad to say that my Mirena is still right where it should be!

But how bad do you think it is that I had to leave the cup in for nearly 24 hours? I was going to take it out when I got home from my boyfriend's birthday party, but then his car died in the middle of nowhere and I ended up being almost 10 hours late in changing the Diva...

I feel bad--his birthday presents from me ended up being a ride in a tow truck and a new car battery...
Tags: iud

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