crosleybabe4eva (crosleybabe4eva) wrote in menstrual_cups,

I have a story and a couple  questions.

This past Thursday I saw Wicked and my peroid hit right after the group of us finished dinner.  I didn't have anything with me for my period- and all those tampon dispensors in public bathrooms were empty.  I must have asked ten women for a tampon before I found one who had a tampon.  When I got home I saw that my diva cup wasn't where I left it- and took all of ten minutes to buy a new one.  I was freaking out-cause I don't have enough tampons for a full period around anymore.  And last night I found my diva cup.   When I found it  my friend dani was here- who thinks Cups are disgusting- and I was dancing and all excited about finding it.   I think Dani nearly vomited at my excitement.   SOOO!  I'll have 2 cups soon.  Wooo!  haha.


Anyway my question- When I put it in I feel pressure down there for maybe 15 minutes after its in.  Does anyone else feel pressure?  Or is it just me?  Is there anyway I can avoid it?
I don't know if anyone else can do this- but combined with I can tell where I am with my cycle by how my cervix feels- does that make sense and can anyone do that?

Tags: insertion - painful or problems

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