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Gym classes? Spin, pilaties / yoga, bodypump ...

Hello all,

i've been reading the forum for a while and have found the information SOOO helpful. But i've got a couple of specific questions. i'm new to the whole cup deal - i ordered my first cup last month and its my first cycle using divacup, size 1, and so far so good. no problems inserting / can't feel a thing, no leaking .. but yes, it is still the honeymoon phase and i'm well aware of the possibilities of leaking etc.

but my questions ... i go to the gym every day (and really don't want to take a day off b/c of being new to cups) and my flow is quite light, but i would like to know if anyone has done pilates, yoga, bodypump or spin and how they coped. i've read the cycling thread and am quite confident about going to spin class tomorrow - but more importantly what about bodypump or yoga / pilates. the moves i'm concered about are things like squats or lunges? pretty much the moves where my legs are spread and gravety working against me ...

any help would be hugely apprechiated! :)


Addition: (15 comments so far)

Thanks guys, i read all the comments before embarking on my gym journey, i practiced at home for a little, jumped up and down, did a couple sqats, downward dog, etc and decided that i was ready to try spin first ...  and sucess - i was perspiring more than anything else and i ran to the bathroom after to double check - and wow - AMAZING ... i didn't even think about it while i was spinning (to much pain and out of breath) - and i was worried about the stem b/c yesterday i think it was a little too high that in different positions i could feel it. but no problems with that either.

next was bodypump *gasp* ... which is what i was a little more worried about - and i thought about it all through class, but it was only to get my mind of the pain of the sets, i actually didn't feel anything and it all worked out. i am fully impressed and am now a full convert. if only people told us about this sooner (im 24 and would have LOVED this in high school / college!) ...

thanks again !!! yoga is in a couple days, so fingers crossed (and yes, no upside-down for me -- although in a couple of days my cycle will be over i'm hopng ...)
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