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Help need of all of you menstrual cup goddess

I need the help of all of you menstrual cup goddess out there.


I really need some help with my cup – here is some quick info

Age = 15

Cup = Diva


So I have had my amazing Diva cup for a while now and have been having some major problems getting it to work. I can insert it snugly up where it’s supposed to go and forget about it for awhile until I go bright red and have to rush off to the toilet. Upon entering the toilet I discover that my underwear and pants have undergone some spontaneous redecorating and have decided on the new colour scheme of red. So that’s where I am going wrong … I had already decided that my periods don’t like me but completely bypass that nice Diva cup which I put there especially for it? Not nice at all. I think its not hard to see that this will not work for me at all if the cup doesn’t catch the blood, that is why I am asking all of you awesome “masters of the cup” to help me on my quest of using-a-menstrual-cup-without-getting-blood-all-over-my-nice-clothes-cause-my-cups-not-working. I am guessing that I not getting the cup to pop open or seal right, any tips, instructions, advice?


Please I need help with this (I have a really heavy flow and get really sick of having to run to the toilet between every class to change my super tampon)


Any advice, help, tips, tricks, instructions, information, suggestions, directions or any other help would be really really imprecated helpful.



Ok responeding...

yep tried most folds, all seemed to work more or less the same but I had a bit of trouble inserting some of them.

Tags: insertion, popping open, seal & suction
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