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Mooncup Vs.GreenCup

I just got my new GreenCup (small) through the post yesterday and I thought I'd just give a bit of info on how I've got on with it so far. I know there are lots of comparisons on here but I think it's good to have lots of peoples opinions to help others' decide because everyone is so different...anyway...

Size-wize it is smaller in rim width and length but the inside of the rim and the actual body of the cup look the same size as the small MCUK. It is simillar in firmness around the rim and area where the holes are but the body of the cup is softer and squishier. The holes are HUGE!! But I think this will be a good thing for me for both cleaning and suction.

On a dry run it has been really easy to insert and remove although, like some LadyCup users I have found it to be a bit tricky to get a good grip of to remove. I have cut most of the stem off after a couple of trials but may remove all of it in the future as I did with my MCUK. To insert I tried the punch-down fold to begin with as this is what I usually use with my MCUK and then the C-fold. both worked fine but I think C-fold is going to be my preferred fold for this cup as the punch-down was a bit hard to keep a good grip of with the cup being so slippery when wet (I can't do dry insertion). 

I'll have to give an update in a couple of weeks when I've had my period but so far so good. I won't go overboard just yet incase I have an awful period with it but I think it's going to be my cup of choice really. My MCUK is comfy enough once placed correctly but I often have trouble getting it in and getting it to open. Lots of you have suggested firmer cups pop more easily but I find the opposite to be true for me, my MCUK would stay folded all day if I didn't let some air into it. With GreenCup I still had to let air in to get the cup to be rounded out but the rim seems to pop open straight away. Viscious circle with MCUK - C-fold won't go in but pops best, punch down goes in best but won't pop (sod's law)

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