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Lunette Selene on holiday

I am back from my holiday.  Was expecting my period to start near the end of the holiday but trust it to be on time just this once as it started on day no2 of holiday.

it was a bit of a struggle the first day to remove it, but in the end i managed to get comfortable enough with it to be able to do it a few times a day and not stay in the bathroom for 30 min every time.

it was also a life saver when wanting to go in the hut pools and jacuzzis, and swimming was no problem. i was very impressed and forgot i was actually on me period sometimes. i did though have to resort to pads a few times when i felt like i needed to give my vagine a bit of rest from poking around in there but that was only a few times. i also started to panick the first couple of days and maybe emptied it a few times too many, but i was worried about having the cup full for too long and it maybe affecting me in some way, not sure how.  but it went well and i am actually looking forward to my next period so that i can practise more :)

one question though, i have not yet felt my cervix and do not know how it sits, low or high but the stem didn't stick out until near the end of my period.  it did annoy me a little bit but near the end of my period but am keeping it full lenght for now as i am not confident enough to be able to remove the cup without it.

so is it VITAL that i know how my cervix travels up or down during my period when things seemed to be working fine without me knowing?

thank u xx
Tags: cervix position, lunette, lunette selene, sports/physical activities
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