mindydoesstuff (mindydoesstuff) wrote in menstrual_cups,

Hey gals!
I first read about menstrual cups (specifically the Keeper) in the book Making Stuff and Doing Things, and then again from a friend who has the Keeper Mooncup. I've been lurking this community for a while. I'd been thinking of either the Keeper Mooncup or the Femmecup, and since my period came yesterday and I couldn't stand to wear another tampon, I drove on down to the health food store and picked up the last size B Keeper Mooncup in stock. I had no problem with the C fold and it popped open right away. It immediately felt so much more comfortable than a tampon since it wasn't hitting my cervix when I sat in certain positions like tampons do. I emptied a few hours later just to see, had a little trouble, and then heard the awesome SLOOSH sound and almost had to stop because I was laughing too hard. Reinsertion was fine too.

I'm absolutely loving this cup; I feel that it fits very well for me and I'm so happy to not have to use tampons again!

Tags: first time use, keeper moon cup
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