activist_woman4 (activist_woman4) wrote in menstrual_cups,

Ideal Bite on menstrual cups...

Hi everyone,

Haven't been here in awhile...things are going well, so there's been no reason.  I love my cup!  ;)

Reason I came by was to point out an article on the site/newsletter "Ideal Bite" here.  They offer daily tips on small things you can do to make your life more eco-friendly.  Yesterday's tip was about menstrual cups.  I usually enjoy their tips, but yesterday's was a bit weird.  They usually don't pass judgement or make opinion-based comments (unless they are in support of an item/method).  However, about menstrual cups, they said, "So the girls on the Bite team gave these contraptions the ol' college try, and we're sticking to eco-tampons. But seriously - you Biters rave about them. Talk pros and cons in the comments."  There are already four pages of comments and one link to this community, but maybe if we all head over there and talk about how great cups are, we can have an effect on how people view and deal with this topic.


Tags: activism, environmental impact, papers/articles/pamphlets

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