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Pain with Diva Cup

Hello Everyone!

So, I have been on this site for the past two days, and have been able to get my small diva cup in and out with moderate success thanks to all the tips. I use the punch down fold and eventually get it in and placed comfortably. Granted I do have slight discomfort, but I feel like that's normal. It's not the insertion and removal, but I have problems with my cup once it is in. Once my cup is in, I cannot seem to turn it because it suctions immediately. At least I think it does, it does not leak, so I assume that means it has suctioned. Well, here is the issue. I get it in and am relatively comfortable for the first hour, but then it becomes EXTREMELY painful. I was beggining to get really light-headed and had to remove it. I have always had 'issues' with tampons, so I'm so excited to find the cup, but do not want to experience all this pain.
Is it possible it begins to suction more after it is in place for a short time? I feel like the ony way I can describe it is this.... The feeling you have before you sneeze? Well, it's kinda like that, but in my vagina, and ten times worse? It becomes so painful that I have to take it out. Would punching bigger holes help? Is this cup just the wrong material for me and I need to try something new. I feel like that's not the case because it is going in and out fine... Is this a question I should ask my gyno? Could this onsetting pain be because it isn't in far enough, or in two far? Again, it doesn't hurt for the first little while, it's after it has been in place for almost an hour... Any suggestions?
Thanks so much for your help in advance.
Tags: first time use

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