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Weird Leaking

Ok, I've poured over this site and can't seem to find any answers to my situation. Here goes...................

I use a  DIVA CUP Lg (over 30?)  &  punch down fold
I some times have leakage that almost seems like 'water' but it is tinted pink.  My cup is usu. NOT full, the holes are usu. NOT clogged,
& the cup is always 'popped open'  & I do a sweep around & TWIST!!  I am not very sure about my cervix.........I THINK it MOVES............but I
wouldn't swear to it.  I don't dare go without a panty liner/pad (i use cloth) @ ANY TIME!!!  But I do like my cup......I'd just like to know if I'm missing something or is this as good as it gets for me..............Any and all suggestions welcomed!!!  Should I try a diff. cup?  Or try ?????
Thanks in advance!!!
Tags: leakage & spotting

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