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"Extreme" sports?

Last week, a group of friends decided to try Aerodium, you know, that huge fan blasting tons of air that you happen to jump towards in order to propel yourself into the sky. Some people call it indoor skydiving, but ours was not indoors (in fact, it just had a liiittle fence to keep one from falling to the street below). Frankly, it's something I've always wanted to do, but I happened to have been on my period. Lovely. I had told my friends that I wasn't going to do it, and they just wouldn't leave it alone. "There's a special! It won't cost anything for an extra person!"

I really wanted to try it, but I did not want to have a cup mishap and spill blood all over myself while flying in the air. I wasn't wearing any back-up and hadn't emptied the cup in a good few hours. It was completely possible that it had reached capacity and could dribble over. Now, I knew that cups were approved for sports, but I'm pretty sure the menstrual cup testers didn't fling themselves towards a massive fan to test the cup's reliability.

"C'mon, Lauren, it's really safe!" said a friend as she signed the I-promise-not-to-sue-you-if-this-kills-me paper.

"It's not that," I confessed, "it's...I'm on my period."

"Me too! There's no way you're getting out of this. Sign the paper." Thus is the power of peer pressure. It didn't help that my husband was goading them all on, completely forgetting my little red friend.

"Ugh, fine!" I caved, "but if I bleed everywhere, it's your fault," I teased. Immediately I thought of this community and mustered up a sense of purpose. Whatever happens, I thought, I'll be the guinea pig for the girls here.

So, we suited up, put our ear plugs on, and had a blast. Believe it or not, my trusty Lunette held up during the whole intense experience. It didn't even leak once!

I will never doubt my cup again! :D
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