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Scary cup experience, TSS?

Sorry in advance, this post is pretty long...

I just had a pretty awful experience with my cup.  I don't want to scare off future cup users or anything, but I'd like to know if anyone else has experienced something like that...

I've been using a DivaCup for about 3 years, and 3 or 4 months ago I switched to a Lunette.  I've been happy enough with the Lunette so far.  I got my period last night, so this morning, I put in my Lunette, and all was dandy, until later when I took it out and put it back in.

All of a sudden, it was ridiculously painful.  I figured, from posts here, that the cup was hitting my cervix.   TMI, but I tend to be slightly prone to constipation, and it was the same feeling (could it be that that feeling is from my cervix and I never realized?  I do eat a lot of fibre, after all).  

I tried to take it out, but I couldn't, it hurt too much.  It felt like it could be the suction that was making it painful (even though I usually never feel suction), but the weird thing is that the cup wasn't open, it was folded in half, so I don't know where suction came from?

I tried to move it around the release the suction, pull on it, do something, but it hurt too much.  I tried to walk around to give it time to open up, but I started to feel really sweaty (as can happen when one's in pain).  I kept alternating between standing, sitting and trying to get it out, but nothing worked, the pain was too strong, especially when I tried to get it out.  Then my hearing got all fuzzy, like I was under water, and I was shaking a lot, and I could tell I was about to faint. 

I don't know if the panic was enough, or if the pain stopped, or if I just got numb (I was completlely out of it, my hearing and vision were odd, I was sweating and shaking, I couldn't stand properly), but the cup, thankfully, came out.  I almost instantly felt better and lay down, and now all's fine.

Does anyone know what happened?  (I'm sure no one knows for sure, but if anyone has an opinion, I'd love to hear it.)  Was it the beginning of toxic shock syndrome?  Was I about to faint because the cup was cutting off blood flow or something, or because of the pain, or  just because I panicked?  (I have fainted once before, and it was after feeling VERY slight pain --a small cut on my arm--, so I'm not sure what happened then either.)  And the scariest thing: what would have happened if I couldn't get the cup out?  I would have fainted, and then what?  Would there have been permanant damage?

Should I stop using a cup?  I definitely won't use it again this cycle, but after?  I would be so sad to give up cups, but I definitely do not want to go through this again, and it's likely that I will be too stressed to put it in next time.  Maybe I should switch back to the DivaCup?
And a last question, I was thinking of getting and IUD in a couple of months, do you think this experience means I should leave my cervix alone for a bit?  I usually have a high tolerance for pain, but this doesn't seem like a good sign.

Thank you so much!

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