Chasechik (chasingtides) wrote in menstrual_cups,

This feels like a dumb question, but here goes.

I have a small Lunette and I love it. I can't imagine going back to pads. It works well 99% of the time. However, at the moment, because of some new medication I've started, my period is sort of out of whack. Normally I have two or three very heavy days followed by four or five light days. At the moment, though, it can sort of go heavy-light-heavy-light-light-heavy or even switch up during the day.

Normally for the first two or three days of my period, I change my cup more often (every 4-6 hours or so). However, now I don't know when my cycle is heavy and changing it every four hours for my whole period is a bit impractical since I haven't quite mastered changing it in public bathrooms. However, when the cup is full, I obviously leak.

Basically - how do you tell when your cup is full, beyond all the leaking? (If it's full, I will attempt emptying and reinserting in the public restroom because that's probably better than leaking, but if I don't have to deal with that, I'd rather not.)

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