Kristen Ann (applepie04) wrote in menstrual_cups,
Kristen Ann

New IUD User - Want to try a Menstrual Cup

Hi there. I am new to the community and have been slowly observing the cloth pad and menstrual cup community. Basically, I just got a Paragard inserted about 2 1/2 weeks ago and am due to start my period in just over a week. I am thinking about trying out a few new methods besides tampons and pads. I ordered a few cloth pads to try those out but I'm really interested in a menstrual cup. I am just concerned about using it with an IUD (very long strings, I'll get them trimmed at my check up in a couple weeks). 

So I am petite, 5'2" and about 114 lbs. My vagina is pretty narrow, my finger can easily touch my cervix when checking for my strings (so opening to cervix ~ 3 inches). I am just wondering if anyone has suggestions for what menstrual cup to try. I know there are quite a few out there. The only one I know about is the Diva Cup and they do not recommend using it with an IUD.  Also, what is the risk of expelling and how do you recommend inserting and removing the cup?

I'm completely in the dark about menstrual cups, I know very little. But I'm open to trying new methods for absorbing (or collecting!) menstrual fluids. Thanks for any helpful suggestions!
Tags: brand comparisons, iud

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