primasilva (primasilva) wrote in menstrual_cups,

New IUD--New Cup?

Hey all! I just had a Mirena IUD inserted yesterday, and now I'm thinking about getting a new menstrual cup. I've had my Diva cup for a couple years, and its getting a little ragged, so I guess it's about time to get a new one! But I'm kinda worried about the suction/IUD string-pulling issues that I've read about on this board.

Do you have any suggestions for a more IUD-safe cup? As I said, I'm looking for something a little less suction-y than the Diva. I can also handle something a little smaller. I've never bled enough to fill the Diva more than halfway, and I did have issues with the stem poking out of me at certain points during my period, even after I trimmed it ...

I actually didn't know cups other than the Diva existed, so I was pretty excited to find this community!

After reading some posts on here, I'm thinking about the Lunette, but I'm in the USA. Have shipping restrictions been lifted yet? Or any news about when they might be?

Oh, and I'm 23, np.

Tags: iud
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