missmary041085 (missmary041085) wrote in menstrual_cups,

GreenCup spotting versus Femmecup small capacity

This is only my second cycle successful period with a menstrual cup.  I absolutely love my GreenCup, but had ordered a Femmecup in order to see how I would feel about a narrow bodied versus a hoop skirt.  They are both equally comfortable to wear.  The Femmecup pops open alot easier and is easier to remove.  The Femmecup is too small to be useful for my first day, but the spotting that I have with the GreenCup is completely eliminated with the Femmecup.  I stir with both until my finger comes clean in order to avoid residual sludge.  I've noticed that the outside of my GreenCup always has blood on it after removal, but the femmecup does not, in fact it comes out as clean as it went in.  This makes removal a lot cleaner.  I think that this might be caused by the angle of the holes on the GreenCup, being that they are lower on the outside than on the inside.  I'm guessing that as the blood runs down the side past the holes it slowly drips out of the holes.  Does anyone else think that this may be the reason?  I only ask because the Femmecup is way to small for my first day and just big enough not to be a big issue on my second day.  I'd like more capacity and if the angle of the holes is the only issue, then a Lunette (once they are being shipped to the US again) would be perfect.
Tags: femmecup, lady cup, leakage & spotting, lunette

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