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Divacup already damaged?

So today I got my very first menstrual cup, a Divacup from the whole foods store by my house. I did a few test runs as soon as I got home, and everything seemed to work fine. I used the C fold to fold it, and getting it out was a little tough at first, but not nearly as painful as my first tampon experience, so I was okay. However, to get it out at one point, I had to kind of use my nails to grab the stem, and when I took it out I noticed this indentation already in the rim of the stem. Could that by from grabbing  it with my nails? Granted it wasn't a tiny indentation, it was a definite gap. A little less than 1mm. But still? Was my Divacup like that when I got it or what? Can somebody help me here? I tried to find up-close pictures of the Divacup but no luck so far. Any help would be appreciated.
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