Michelle (pinkdagger) wrote in menstrual_cups,

UTI irritation and seeking a well-stocked store

Hi-ho, hi-ho ladies, I've a couple questions for you knowledgeable people.

I've been a loyal Diva user since April of last year and I recommend it to everyone. One of my friends has expressed enough of an interest that I asked her, "if I bought you a cup for your birthday, would you use it?" She gave me a definite yes to "I would definitely try it". The problem is that she has frequent (or more accurately, persistent and nagging) UTIs and is wary of the friction and pressure that would be on her urethra. How would different cups generally affect this? Are some, like the squishier ones, better than others? Any pros and cons anyone can put on the issue would be great!

I've never had this issue and frankly, it's never even crossed my mind. Now, to segue poorly into my next question, since I don't want to go out and spend $30+ on just any cup for her like I did myself, I want her to be able to choose one she likes and thinks, based on the research she and I will do, will work out best for her. Are there any online stores that will ship to Canada that carry several brands of cups so I can just get her a gift certificate or something to avoid the immediacy of missing her birthday? The only brand that is readily available in person is the Diva.

Tags: brand comparisons, buying decisions, health risks, uti (urinary tract infection), where to buy

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