anono4 (anono4) wrote in menstrual_cups,

The right cup or not

I have been using my femmecup for my last two cycles and I love how clean it is, even though I leaked once or twice, I had on a pad for back up, but I still felt it to be very clean. But I am wondering if this is the right cup for me. My main concern is the capacity and the hardness of the top ring. My first concern about the capacity is not to do with my periods now, more to do with when I get my IUD inserted and the amount of bleeding will increase, but since the femmecup can hold 15mL and the bigger cups go upto 20mL, how much difference is 5mL going to make?

My other concern has to do with the hardness of the top ring. I think I like that the top ring is hard, because it makes it easy for it to pop open, but when I take my cup out, I tend to take it out fully open, but slightly tilted. I feel a little pain when the opening comes out, I am not sure if this is something I will get used. But a worry for me is, will the cup make my muscles loose from removing the up fully open? Is this something I should be worried about, or not?

Other than these concerns I love my cup, I can't really feel it when it is in, but I am sad that my cramps have not decreased when it is in, I think the cup gives slight pressure on my cervix, because I have cramp pains on my third day of bleeding, when I only usually have cramps on the first day.

I asked my gyno about using my cup with the IUD and she said that it is fine, and I asked about the strings being pulled out by the cup and she said it is nothing to worry about.
Tags: cramps, femmecup, iud

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