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Having very good luck with my femmecup. Came yesterday(day 2 of my period). I put it in straight away, no problems. Taking it out was a little trickier but I have managed just fine. I found myself surprised at how small the cup is, I'm not sure why or what I really expected .I can hardly feel it, except for the stem once in a while. It springs open very easily and stays in place well with no leaks. I feel so much cleaner and less concerned about my period.

Using the cup has really made me change the way I think about my period and my body. It feels so much more natural and less intrusive. I no longer hate my period. I have to admit I was a little grossed out at first by the collected flow, but mostly just fascinated. I has assumed that it was just “blood”, but there are so many different parts to it.

Thanks again for all the very informative comments on my last post!

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