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going back to pads...

hello everyone! let me start off by saying if disposable pads work for you, i am *not* in any way criticizing or judging. hell, i used them for years myself. this is about my own experiences and how i feel personally about disposable pads.

i'm getting an iud (mirena) placed today and for my own peace of mind decided to use pads for the first couple months. i want to give it a few months to settle in before i try to use my cup with it. i have a lunette, so i'm not worried about it causing expulsion, i'm more just worried about my own learning curve with the iud + cup.

the doctor gave me a misoprostol pill to insert vaginally this morning to aid with the procedure (it softens and slightly dilates the cervix). i decided that might be easier to keep in place if i used a pad instead of trying to have my cup in with the pill (i have to be on my period for the procedure as per my obgyn). i wish i had thought ahead to buy some reusable pads, but i didn't. so i ended up buying pads for the first time in a year today. i've never had to use pads w/ my lunette, even as a backup, and... i know this sounds silly, but i almost felt like i was betraying my lunette. not to mention i didn't remember just how much my skin hates disposable pads. within an hour of putting on the pad, i was miserable.

i guess the whole point of this post is to say that i guess i never truly appreciated the freedom and cleanliness of my cup until i went back to a pad. i'm so glad this is temporary! i'm already dreading having to have pads in my purse and carrying into the bathroom. not to mention cringing every time i throw one away and realizing its going into a landfill. i miss my cup :(
Tags: environmental impact, iud, lunette, pads - disposable
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