calikaren (calikaren) wrote in menstrual_cups,

Is my cup starting to degrade?

Ok, this is really weird and I'm hoping someone can help me out b/c my period is about to start!!

I've been successful with the Diva cup for my last 2 or 3 cycles. I totally love it! In between cycles I boil for 15 minutes, put it in its little pouch, put the pouch in a makeup bag and stash it under the sink.

So just now I got it out since my cycle is about to start, and my cup was really gummy and sticky! It was very strange. I noticed that some Astroglide had spilled in the makeup bag (I use a dab Astro on the rim to ease insertion), but the cloth pouch wasn't saturated. After handling it, my hands were extremely sticky and it was hard to wash whatever residue it was off!

Does this sound like my cup is degrading? I washed it thoroughly with some Cetaphil (so now I'm scared I'm going to cause irritation, so I'll have to double and triple rinse), and washed my hands like, 5 times. The outside feels pretty normal now, but the inside of it is still a little sticky, though not as much as before. It is just so weird!

Has anyone ever experienced something like this before? Anyone have a point of view -- could it be the cup degrading for some reason, or maybe the Astroglide just leaked on it and sat there for a few weeks, causing the sticky residue.

Thanks in advance, ladies!
Tags: lubricant

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