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So, I've been thinking lots today, and this week, and was just wondering if anyone else here gets the same strange urges as me.

I work in a grocery store, a ShopRite, and obviously they do not sell cups. So, whenever I see ladies buying a box of pads or tampons, I get the urge to talk to them about their menstrual product choice... especially those who are kind, don't use an excessive amount of coupons, and help me put their items in bags(bonus points for re-usable bags!). Unfortunately, theres no possible way for me to break the ice about this subject while helping them, since there are so many other things to remember while checking each person through the line.

I know that there had been a bunch of ideas on here about making up a pamphlet... and I was seriously considering this. I could just slip one into the same bag as their menstrual product and then they could just discover the world of cups when they got home instead of being assaulted and possibly offended by me at the register.

Also, a pamphlet that is available through this forum could be printed by whoever wants to spread it around... at malls, sex shops ect. If we can't get our doctors to advocate it because of professional backing and blah blah blah, then maybe we should do something about it?

If anyone has suggestions on the information to be put in this pamphlet, that'd be great. I was considering using lots of information from lots of different places and citing all of it, so that all the information isn't just coming from this website, but don't really know where/how to start it off.

Ideas appreciated!
Tags: activism

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