Mab (pixietangerine) wrote in menstrual_cups,

missing tampons after 1.5 years of diva cup use?

hey everyone! i had a friend in this community a long, long time ago who introduced me to the idea of cups. i bought one myself after i got to college, about a year and a half ago. i'm really glad not to have to go out and buy tampons every month, i'm very happy without economically and environmentally friendly my cup is.

but, sometimes i really miss tampons. it seems like no one else with a cup ever looks back, so i feel kind of abnormal, but...the cup is just really a hassle to me. it's not that i haven't "gotten the hang of it", i manage to get a seal easily, it doesn't hurt, and i'm pretty familiar with my vagina/cervix. but it's sort of uncomfortable taking it out, and mostly just mesys...with a tampon, i could just yank it out and put in another one, no mess. the cup always spills and drips all over, and my sink is only a couple feet away! what do you guys do about this? i don't mind blood, but i still don't want to have to wipe down the toilet seat, bathroom floor, or my legs every time. i always take it out in the shower in the morning, but i can't take a shower multiple times a day.

and on heavy days it's really messy and i ALWAYS wake up covered in blood (and i don't even sleep 8 hours, more like 5 or 6). i've resorted to a makeshift pad (basically just wadded up flannel that i wash during the day so i can use it at night), but i hate pads. i wish there was a way to make it...hold more? i've never used sea sponges before but i was reading about them, would it be possible to combine them with the cup? i'm not really sure, my cervix is really low so i don't think i'd have room...would it be better to use two sponges at night and use the cup during the day? or do sponges leak worse than the cup? does anyone else use the cup in combination with something else?

also, i know a lot of people have their cramps lessen when they start using cups, but i've been having bad cramps for the past year and a half even though i used to only have cramps once in awhile...and it just occurred to me that they started around the same time i got my diva cup. could my cup be contributing? has this happened to anyone else? maybe my insides don't like the suction? i think next month i'll try using something else to find out...i just don't know what to use, i don't want to be wasteful, and i don't want to use cloth (no washing machine, too bulky, etc).

thanks for reading!

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