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Diva Cup - Suction & Removal Issues

Thanks so much for this awesome community! I have been reading for a couple of months and have found answers to all my questions in the archives. (yeah!) Unfortunately, I had really traumatizing experience removing my Diva Cup for the first time and am in need of some advice...

I was able to insert my Diva Cup model 1 with no problems (I admit, I brought my laptop into the bathroom with me and followed the tips and instructions I found in the archives). I was afraid I wouldn't get the suction right but I could definitely feel it when the cup opened and formed a seal. The cup sat fairly low--the stem bothered me a bit when I bent over and sat down, but i figured I could trim it the next day.

The next morning I went into the bathroom to remove the cup and had no problems bearing down and grabbing the stem and then reaching the base of the cup. I pinched the cup (hard) and nothing happened. I wiggled the cup a little (which was super painful) and the suction still didn't release. I tried reaching my finger along the side of the cup to break the seal from the top, but that was super painful as well. I continued to wiggle and tug until I had the bottom 1/4 of the cup outside me. The cup STILL hadn't released its death grip on my ladyparts.

As I was sitting there, with half the cup outside me I contemplated grabbing a pair of scissors and cutting the bottom out--it really hurt. I was finally able to squeeze one top corner out and the second it was out the rest of the cup fell out.

What the hell went wrong? I know the diva cup is notorious for having tight suction, but this was much more than I was anticipating! Any advice? Should I enlarge the holes at the top? Is the cup too big? Anyone have ideas for a different removal process?
Tags: removal - painful or problems, seal & suction
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