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New User- dry run question

 Hi everyone!

I am so excited, because my LilacCups finally came! (Ok, it wasn't really a long wait, only 12 days, which isn't bad because it came to the US from Europe, but it seemed like forever!) I got a small and a large mix pack, and have tried both on a dry run. 

I just have a question... when used the small I could tell there was enough room for it to round out perfectly, but the large sort of smooshes into an oval rather than a round. It isn't uncomfortable or anything, and it has popped open fully, but there just isn't enough room for it to round out all the way. Is that normal? Will it seal properly like this? Or is it a sign that its too big for me? (I really hope not, because it holds so much more than the small!)

Otherwise, I am happy to say that my dry runs have been remarkably trouble free! I used the "c" fold with the small and the "7" fold with the large. Had no trouble getting them in. It took me a little bit of time getting the large out, but that was because I was trying sitting, squating, lying down (was trying to remove it in my room rather than using the bathroom), but found that sitting on the toilet is the perfect position and allows for easy removal.   

Also, I want to get cloth pads for backups. I've looked on the cloth pad group, but thought I'd ask you gals for opinions as well. Any insight on what works best as a backup when you are using a cup? Any suggestions on good places to purchase (I've checked out etsy... any recommendations as to a good seller on there?)  
Tags: dry run, first time use, lady cup

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