greenlele83 (greenlele83) wrote in menstrual_cups,

... and it arrived on the last day

I got my Lunette in the mail the the other day YAY!! but it arrived on the last day of my period, DOH. so i gave it a try anyway and it went in like a dream, popped good and snuggled right in there, no-ice!! ;)
(PS i have been using a keeper b size but my new one is a lunette 2. got it for the extra capacity and good rep.)
so it came to taking it out and... that was a bit tricker. found it quite hard to grip and pinch in the base of it to release the suction and get it out. i got there eventually though. maybe it's just because its so new or something.
comparing the two cups(keeper b and lunette 2) was interesting pretty much the same diametre and length but the shape is different and the lunette holds way more than the keeper ever could. lunette is easier to clean too. 
Tags: keeper, lunette, removal, sizes/size issues

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