adrialien (adrialien) wrote in menstrual_cups,

Backpacking the Grand Canyon & An Early Period

Hi everyone!
Well, I returned last Thursday from backpacking the Grand Canyon. I wasn't due to get my period until today, but I brought along my cup anyway, just in case. I was actually kind of hoping it would start while on the backpacking trip so I could get experience using the cup in the "wild," but that didn't really happen. What did happen is that my period started our last day hiking out, when we were just 1.5 miles from the South Rim. At that point, I didn't want to risk dropping my cup in the pit toilet so I just let it go until I reached the top and could use an actual bathroom (my periods start out light).

Anyways, I'm still totally in love with Anastasia (that's what I named my Diva, my Lunette is "Leslietta"). But, I wish my period had stayed on schedule or else come a few days earlier. I guess the physical exertion could have triggered it or it's possible that the girl I was backpacking with and sharing a tent with threw my cycle off - she said hers was about to start any day.

I guess I'll just have to plan another backpacking trip to coincide with one of my periods :).

LOL, never thought I'd say that!

PS I told one of my friends about menstrual cups at women's Bible study the other night and she was totally excited about it! It was so awesome! Afterwards, she and 2 others I had mentioned it to a few months ago stood outside and asked me more quetions about it. I'm so happy they were actually interested/excited!
Tags: activism, camping & backpacking, family & friends

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