speckwalk (speckwalk) wrote in menstrual_cups,

First Run with My Yuuki Night and Day

Hello Ladies, I promised an update and here I am. I inserted my Yuuki lastnight and found I had a bit of trouble getting it to pop open. I didn't give up though and eventually I got it inserted properly. I left the stem on, so I could give you guys a fair update. Well that was a misteak, as I cut my stem off of my Diva. I just found it to be too long so about a little under a cm was sticking out of me. This morning I cut off the stem. I find it just as comfortable as my Diva, although still had the same problem this morning with my cup opening. I have now had my cup in for 6 hours and no leaks, so it does work! I have to admit I thought it was pretty brave of me to do my first trial at work lol. Anyway I will keep you updated and I will let you know my full opinion at the end of my period.

Tags: first time use, yuuki

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