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Diva cup & Keeper MC first time dry run

Hello everyone! I hope you ladies could help. :) I really want this to work.
The intro:
I'm 19 years old, still a virgin, but (I'd like to think) very familiar with my body. At this point, I believe my hymen is basically nonexistent, so I don't think that it's a problem. Also, not to be TMI here, but I'm very comfortable with the idea of inserting something into my vagina and I'm cozy with touching my menstrual flow.
My cervix feels like it's relatively high to me because I have to stick my whole finger in to reach it. Some days I can't even feel my cervix, or I have to really stretch to feel it up there. So, I believed that it was a good choice to go with either Keeper MC or Diva cup.
I’m really a fan of greener living and I LOVE the idea of something so liberating as not having to carry pads and tampons around. Tampons were great for about a month, and then I grew tired of them. That was when I looked into alternative methods.
The situation:
Right now I just finished my first unsuccessful dry run with my diva cup. Ouch. (But just typing this is easing my pain haha)
But before that, earlier last month I ordered a Mooncup US. I actually did this on a whim, on the first night that I learned about menstrual cups, I was sold. I thought that the Mooncup US and the Diva were my only options. (That and the latex Keeper, but I didn’t want to develop any latex allergies and silicone was my preference) I was away at college and came home to find it had successful delivered to my house. I was really happy about the package.
Here’s the thing. My Mooncup US delivered seemed to have been a defective. It had no holes whatsoever. Having little “cup experience” prior, I totally overlooked this. It was dry run time! I had watched dozens of videos, read up here on all the helpful (and painful) posts. I was certain I had gotten it all down. Plus, having no hymen to worry about and having faith in my vagina’s ability to stretch, I felt totally prepared.
The pain:
Holy HELL, it was painful. I felt like I would NEVER get it out once it was in, and it hadn’t even gone in all the way. It popped halfway up and the suction was so severe that I felt like my insides were going to tear out. I read that description on here before and though, “That bad? Hm…” No. Now I UNDERSTAND it feels that bad. To make matters worse, there was hardly any air in it, so that I had a difficult time pressing on it to break the suction.
I emailed GladRags about it and they got back to me a few days later. They said to send back my Mooncup if there are really no holes. I thought, “Hell no, I’m not going to pay shipping to send back this uterus grabbing cup for a new one that might be equally uncomfortable.” Basically, I didn’t like the idea of paying shipping for a replacement, getting one, and having it not fit my body, and having to ship it back. More importantly, I wanted to use it for my upcoming period in a few days to get the feel of it. (Funny how these cups have us waiting on our periods like during a pregnancy scare. :P )
I decided that the process would take too long, so I went on ahead to order the Divacup from iHerb. I heard that they had fast shipping. I got mine on there (with the discount) for about 20, so I think the price went up since. (?) I read some people got it for about $13.
I thought I might love the Divacup because from my understanding, I do have a deep vagina. I just tried it out right now for a dry run, during which my natural lubrication helped me out to get it in. I experienced a bit of stretching to get it in, but nothing that I would call “painful”, just a bit uncomfortable. It’s nothing I hadn’t experienced before. 
I tried the 7 fold and it didn’t pop in. It was rather uncomfortable having it sit up there, but whatever, it’s my first time. I don’t mind trial and error. After, I decided to try the origami fold. It was both easier to insert, and it had popped open quite easily, probably because of the Divacup’s stiff material. But GOODNESS, once it was in, it sucked itself up into my vagina and stayed up there with death grip suction.
I felt the same intense pain as with the Mooncup (only not as intense). It feels like it’s pulling out my insides but also, this time I felt a painful sensation that seemed to affect even my anal canal (or it felt near my prostate, too. I’m not sure, but that general area Thanks for the correction!). I’m sure my anal canal had nothing to do with it (sorry for being so blunt, lol), but the pain seemed to reach that general area. I was wondering if anyone else had experienced this. I felt extremely lightheaded, nauseous, and I was already prepared to throw up. (I read other women experienced this) I remembered my mom saying (upon discovering the cup) that she already knew I was “atrevida” (Spanish for “bold”, “daring”) and that I should be careful. The rebel in me weakly exclaimed, “Nooo~”, while I was half certain I would faint.
All the while, I was trying to get my Divacup out. The same as the Mooncup, there was hardly any air inside to work with, so I resorted to reaching my finger in to break the seal from the mouth of the cup, and then slowly pulling it out. I didn’t freak out as badly as with my no-hole Mooncup, but it was still painful.
So here I’m wondering, especially about the anal canal and deep pain. Could it be that my cup is pressing on my cervix that’s also causing all the pain? It fit in all the way, I just had terrible suction problems, I THINK. But based on this description, I was wondering if anyone had any similar experiences where the problem was a too-large cup. Do you ladies think the problem is the hole size, the length, what? Anything. I’m scared, but willing to try again once I get some advice. (Advice is always comforting.) For now, I’m putting my attempts to rest and letting my poor insides rest from the severe suction. Also, keep in mind that all of my pain is in my insides, so that it has nothing to do with my hymen. How can I get it to have less severe suction? I'm stubborn so I'm not read to give up yet.
The Lady Cup sounds soooo attractive because of the reports of easy insertion and the holes seem much bigger. (After so many suction problems holes = thank you thank you) However, I was hoping to make friends with the Divacup because I’m currently still convinced that my cervix is rather high, and I’d read that longer cups are better for longer vaginas.
Please shed some light. Thanks in advance!
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