mo_mi_ji (mo_mi_ji) wrote in menstrual_cups,

Lunette Selene vs. Lady Cup

 I just got my order of Lunette Selene. I find that it is much squishier than my small Lady cup. I just finished my first cycle with Lady cup and everything was good. I did get some blood on my backup pads but I think it was from what was left in  before I put in the cup.

I read that a lot of people try to get there cervix to fit into the cup. I did not do that. I just thought that it's not suppose to go that deep? Am I missing sth.? All I did was insert and just let it suck its way up. I have low cervix though so it did not go that far from the opening.

I would like to hear which you prefer? Is Lunette being much squishier  a problem? Is the original Lunette better? 

I forgot to mention that it's a small Lunette selene.

A small Lady Cup pops open just fine with punch down fold. It has a firmer rim than Lunette Selene. So, my concern is that will it have a problem?
Tags: brand comparisons, first time use
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