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See Dru Run.....wearing her cup!

I have been using cups for 3 cycles now and thanks to all the info/help I have received from this wonderful community, it has been a very positive experience.  I have a large Keeper Moon Cup (Bought it before I knew about the controversy.) and a large Lunette (It was shipped from Leastore the day before the ban!  Hooray!)   Both cups have their stems trimmed almost to nothing.  My flow is normally super heavy days 1 & 2, then tapers a bit days 3-4, then is lighter for a few days. 

Last month I ran a half marathon on day 3 with my Keeper Moon Cup in and it worked great!  No leaks, no worrying about changing a tampon in a porta-potty moments before the start of the race.   I put my cup in 30 minutes before in the comfort of my hotel bath room.  When I checked after the race, it was about half full. Success!

This month, on day 1 (super heavy) I tried my Lunette on a 13 mile training run. I made sure my cup was positioned right, and off I went.  Was running great; then at mile 9, I felt my thighs chafing.  I looked down and there was dried blood on my thighs!  Huh?  I can tell when the cup is overflowing and I hadn't felt anything. 

When I got home, the cup was still positioned right, and was only half full when I removed it.   Aha!
"Residual Slobber" mixed with sweat.....looks like a lot of blood!  It also gives the illusion of "cup malfunction" or leaking!  I usually don't worry about the "slobber" because I always wear my cloth panty liners as back up.....but not when running!

The next day (still super heavy), I tried again with a modification.....after the cup was positioned perfectly, I wiped around the outside of the cup with my finger to make sure it was clean.  Ran 12 miles and had no problems!

If you are a runner, don't be afraid to use your cup....just position it right and check for "slobber"!
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