hingent (hingent) wrote in menstrual_cups,

My name is Hingent, and I regret cheating on my Diva.

Hey guys, just wanted to share this quick story: I was an all-day work function yesterday, and started my period unexpectedly. I wasn't prepared with my Diva, and asked my friend if she had anything I could use. She gave me a tampon (it was so sweet--she was apologetic that all she had was a tampon as she knows I use a Diva, but I assured her how grateful I was for the tampon because beggars can't be choosers, you know?). When I took it out later, it must have taken my NuvaRing with it, which I didn't notice until right now. I checked the Nuva website and apparently this is somewhat common. I (not to mention my partner!) am so irritated. I am waiting for my next month's ring to come in the mail, so we have to use condoms until it comes AND for a week after that, all because of a darn tampon. 

Also, tampons are way, way more uncomfortable than I remember them being. I could feel it when sitting, when walking, the whole time. Nothing at all like my Diva, which feels like, well, nothing. I am definitely never going back! Thanks for letting me share!
Tags: tampons

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