rsilvergun (rsilvergun) wrote in menstrual_cups,

Keeping the Lunette in Place

I started my cycle yesterday. I have been using a Lunette Size 2 (the original) since October 2008 and I have gradually improved in using it. The problems are pretty minimal, but I hate having to wear a large pad and a few pantyliners to guard my underwear in case of leaks. Currently, my pad pretty much has no staining on it but one thing I've noticed when going to the toilet is that sometimes the base of my Lunette seems to be jutting out slightly from my vaginal opening. I can feel the first two ridges when this happens. I think that over time the cup slides out a little which leads to leakage.I think I'm pushing it as far as I can because I can feel my cervix going inside when the cup is inserted properly. The seal seems to be pretty good too.  Does anyone have tips to prevent this from happening?
Tags: insertion, leakage & spotting, lunette, teething troubles
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