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another Newbie! ;)

Hi! I am wondering why some women can't use the Diva cup specifically... or isn't working out for them be it uncomfortable, leaking, size, suction... etc...???

I am new to researching about cups and ordered my first cup just recently. I received it and now I am using for the first day today, actually just put it in a few minutes ago. It is not a Diva cup however, and it didn't feel that comfortable at first but now I think that I do not feel it much. It is a Femmecup, and so this will be my first period with it. It does feel like a lot of suction and was not pleasant putting it in.


I am also wondering, read someone mentioned yeast infections and how they do not get them anymore... How does using a cup affect yeast production...??? I get yeast infections very often, although not often "full blown" (and I never use any man made medicines) just enough to be very annoying and sometimes itchy and a bit of pain off and on and does bother me during sex too. Anyway it is usually easily controlled by drinking more water, eating more garlic, and garlic tabs and oregano oil tabs as well as acidophiles tabs and eating yogurt, I even put the organic yogurt there to help cool soothe and heal. Try to eat healthy, most of the time ;) and keep coffee to a minimum.


Oh, (sorry) one more question... (but I am sure that I will have even more!) How does cramping decrease from using a cup!?!? I will let you know if mine overtime decreases, but I do tend to get cramps bad.


Thanks in advance for your time!
Tags: cramps, sizes/size issues, yeast infections

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