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Ok, after struggling a few times to get my finicky PinkCup to open, I think I may have figured her out.  Good thing, too, because my period has arrived.  (I knew it wouldn't be possible to stick with spotting until after our cruise today!)

The PinkCup did great.  No leaks thus far.  Removal this AM with 3/4 full cup went off without a hitch.  Not so much as a drop on me.  Until time to reinsert, and even then it wasn't bad.  I feel like Anakin Skywalker in The Phantom Menace when he gets his podracer running..."Its working!  Its WORKING!"  (Yeah, my kids watched that a few nights ago....)

So today is the big day.  2 hour drive to the boat, 4 hours on the boat, 2 hour drive home.  We'll stop for dinner on the way home.  Day 1 of my period.  Sweet.

I hope to dump the cup before we get on the boat and then again when we stop for dinner, which should be about 5 hours later.  That's the master plan.  That doesn't mean that's necessarily how it will play out.....but that's the plan.  I'm taking extra back-up just in case!!

Am I weird that I find it slightly amusing that I don't know exactly WHEN my period starts??  My sis was asking me yesterday if I'd started yet.  I said "Ya know what?  I honestly don't know for sure!  Won't know for sure until I leak or take out my cup before bed!"  From someone who was a die-hard pad user 6 months ago, this is still all new and different!  Pretty awesome.  :)
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